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Gel polish applied like a normal nail polish but is cured under a special LED lamp. It doesn't take long to apply and can last up to 3 weeks, although it is advisable to have your nails re-done again after 2 weeks, purely because your nails would have grown so much in that time! One of the many benefits of gel polish is that it causes no damage to the natural nail and actually helps to strengthen them, meaning that many clients find their nails grow longer than they have in years.

Other benefits include:

  • Instantly dry meaning no smudging
  • High shine glossy nails for the duration of wear
  • Chip and scratch resistant
  • Tough and flexible
  • Easily removed

It is best to have your gel polish removed professionally to keep your natural nails healthy and in tip top condition. I also strongly recommend you use nail oil twice a day to help prolong the life of your gel nails and to maintain your healthy nails underneath.